Jul 28, 2014

Assembly 14th District

If you aren't too happy with Susan Bonilla. I can recommend a write in candidate for Assembly 14th District: John Fitzgerald . He ran for Congress twice . I'm so done with Susan because she doesn't listen to her constituents. She votes by her party. I believe the reason she ignores her constituents is because she has run unopposed for so long. According to his website, (johnfitzgeraldforcongress.com) John is a Democrat but he believes in setting aside partisan differences and not letting the media and politicians divide us further. If he had won the office of Congress, he would have "fought the stranglehold transnational corporations and their lobbyists have on too many of our elected officials in Washington, D.C." John will use the same goals in Sacramento which is more than what Susan is doing. You can read more about his views on his website.

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