Jul 30, 2014

Which is the Most Dangerous Intersection in Concord?

Concord Patch wants to know which intersection makes you nervous behind the wheel. Tell us in the comments.

Which is the Most Dangerous Intersection in Concord?

I was stuck at a Monument Boulevard intersection for nearly ten minutes Friday afternoon and wasn't happy.

It wasn't the length of time it took me to make a safe left turn from Monument Court to Monument Boulevard that bothered me. It was the insecurity that accompanied finding the right window of time to drive forward without getting hit by other cars from either side that did.

The intersection in question is a signal-less T-junction between and the historic St. Stephen Cemetery, which, other than a few nearby residents, curious journalists researching potential stories and a few businesses, doesn't get a whole lot of traffic. 

I'm not sure what requirements and cost justifications are required by the city to install stop lights in such intersections — perhaps that could be a future Concord Patch story — but for now, I'm left wondering if this is the most dangerous intersection in town.

For my ego's sake, let the record state that I consider myself an attentive and confident driver who always figures out traffic conundrums in efficient and safe ways. This, however, got the best of me.

Though it bothered me some, I eventually made it across safely without causing an accident. Now I'm curious to know:

... what other local intersections do you think are too dangerous?

... is this the most dangerous turn, intersection or crossing path in Concord? 

What do you think? Where in Concord do you find yourself nervous behind the wheel? 

Tell us in the comments. 

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