21 Aug 2014
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Centaurs Pull Off Stunning Victory Over Top-Seed Serra

Defense leads the way, shutting down Serra in second half in Culver City's 21-14 shocker.

Keep on reading for interviews from some of the key players:

Senior Kevin Porche: WR/Qb

“It feels won-der-ful! This is a huge win. We beat the No. 1 seed. We shocked the world. Their defense was physical. They were strong. That first hit I took, hurt. They couldn’t keep me down forever. They couldn’t hold our team down forever. We did 'good' as a team. They had some speed on the outside. I didn’t have any 'super-long runs.' They had strength; they had talent, so they were a good team.”

Senior Lukas O’Connor: Qb

“I am at a loss for words. I have never, ever felt like this before. I’m in shock right now. We just proved tonight that any team on the other side of La Cienega, towards the beach is looked down upon and we came in here and prove them all wrong. Serra’s defensive line was the best I’ve seen this year. Our offensive line played its best it has all year. When our O-Line plays its best like it did tonight, there’s nobody that can stop us.”

Senior Ret Tilman: P/K

“When I missed that late field goal, I felt terrible. It would have been the 'big game-changer.' If I make that field goal that would have put us up by two scores. But it didn’t matter. We won as a team.”

Senior Yazman Sanders: Defensive back

“It’s a-maz-ing! It was 'hype' all game. Everybody was playing their hearts out. Everybody was playing hard.”

Senior Jonathan Jackson: Defensive Lineman 

“Their line was big. They were good. We held them to a stop when we needed it. We stopped them more than once. We fought hard. Our defense won the game! I guess we wanted to win more.”

Senior Anthony Luckett:  Defensive back

“This win feels great. I knew we could come in here and ‘shock the world.’ We went into the locker room and made our adjustments and we came out fired-up and shut them down.”

Senior Michael Horchin: WR

“Serra played a lot of man coverage so we could run the ball; that helped us get open.”

Senior Joel Ward: Defensive line

“It feels great to win. It seemed the whole world was counting us out. I hope now people will think that Culver City is a team that can compete with anybody they put in front of us, it doesn’t matter. They counted us out this season after we lost some key games, but we came back out and played an exceptional game here. We’re ready to do it again next week. We ready to move on.”

Coach Greg Goodyear: Qb and P/K

“I think this was a historic win. It’s a little payback for them beating us here back in 2003. We had a lot of adversity in the end, but the guys held in there and won.”

Jesse Sanchez: O/D Line Coach

“I think we played a 'helluva' game on defense. The whole D-line did great. They say defense wins championships.”

Coach Ryan Hardy: O/D Line

“First off: I’m proud of our D-line. They stepped up to the call. We tested and challenged them all week long. They came out here and played the best they could play and came out victorious. The defense shut them down the second half. Serra only scored 14 first-half points. Hats off to the defense. They won the game.”

Head Coach Jamal Wright

“I’m going to savor this win tonight. But, tomorrow it’s on to Righetti, our next opponent. I’m very proud of our team. We have 28 seniors and they showed all that experience, tonight. We’re going to keep it going. We’re going to shoot for the stars now.”

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