Jul 29, 2014

Culver City Offers Free Christmas Tree Recycling

The City of Culver City will pick up your tree curbside and recycle it.

Culver City Offers Free Christmas Tree Recycling

With all the work that it takes to put up a Christmas tree, no one wants to think about taking it down. However, before you take that first ornament off the tree, think about how you intend to throw it away.

Culver City is offering free curbside pickup and will recycle your much beloved - but now no longer needed - Christmas tree.

If you have a curbside recycling service you can simply place your cut-up tree in the yard waste collection container. However, make sure to remove all ornaments, baubles and tinsel from the tree first. You can store those away for next year's tree.

For multi-family residents Culver City will provide drop-off services in the Fox Hills Area. Call 310-253-6400 for the exact location.

If you live outside Culver City's borders, call the Los Angeles Christmas Tree Recycling hotline at 800 5-TREE-56, to find out where you can recycle your tree or visit http://san.lacity.org/tree-recycle.htm

Remember, it is unlawful and a serious fire hazard to leave unwanted trees at the curb or in the alleys for an extended period of time. Please carry on the tradition and recycle your Christmas tree.

For more information please call the Culver City Refuse and Recycling Customer Service Office at (310) 253-6400.

Christmas Tree Fun Facts: 

  • According to the National Christmas Tree Association, 25 - 30 million Americans buy a real Christmas tree.
  • 30 million Christmas trees occupy 4 million cubic yards of landfill volume.
  • Chipped trees can be used as mulch which increases water conservation, provides weed control, and helps to modify soil temperature.
  • U.S. consumers recycled 93% of the trees.

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