Jul 29, 2014

Festival of Recovery at SHARE!

Festival of Recovery at SHARE!

SHARE! the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange in Culver City is having a Festival of Recovery on Saturday April 26th.

Come check out more than 30 Self-Help Support Groups and find the one you need! A support group can help you...
- Turn from struggling to thriving
- Cope with trauma & abuse related issues
- cope with feeling depressed
- overcome anger issues
- Get help finding or keeping a job
- Manage your money,  no matter how much you have
- Get along better with roommates & coworkers
- Think about your dreams and find a way to make them happen!

Food will be provided throughout the day and a hot lunch will be served from 12:30-1:30PM.

If you have any questions please contact Artrice at 310-846-5270.

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