Jul 29, 2014

Jazz Sprouts Customers at the Farmers Market

Using the clarinet from his naval band service, Dexter Scott plays jazz to help his sprouts grow.

Dexter Scott grows 37 different types of beans and sprouts on his 50 x 50-foot backyard potting pad.  Coupled with the magic of photosynthesis, Scott germinates the seeds in canisters using a technique learned from his mother in the 1920s.

But it isn't his green thumb that gets the job done--it's his fingering.  Every morning Scott serenades his sprouts with personalized jazzy variations based upon  old classics such as "It Had to Be You," "Tenderly" and "Misty."  

"These are people," Scott said.  "You have to treat them like different people.  Each one gets their own song, and if they're a little spicy, why, the tune goes a little Latin-y.  La Cuca Ra Cha, La Cuca Ra Cha.  It's all a show, and you have to go along with the show...I can live on the smiles folks give me here."

Scott attends 12 farmers markets per week; click here for a complete listing of farmers markets in Southern California. 

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