Jul 30, 2014
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Week in Review: Celebrity Cemetery and Police Accusations

Patch takes a historic walk through the city, an important vote on city commissions is postponed and the chief of police addresses allegations made by union members.

Week in Review: Celebrity Cemetery and Police Accusations

In addition to receiving a warm welcome from the community during Culver City Patch's official launch party, we had the opportunity to hear from the police chief about a press release questioning his leadership as well as to observe city commissioners fight against a change in their role. In case you missed any news this week, here's a recap: 


Ever wondered about the background of some of Culver City's favorite landmarks, such as a celebrity cemetery? So did we.

Former Culver City High quarterback Marquel Carter is headed to college in New York, where his impressive achievements are expected to continue.


Anis Bennaman, owner and manager of Baba Foods, lures customers at the farmers market with his tasty hummus. 


Got a jones for chocolate? We found out the best places to get your fix. 

The City Council postponed voting on reassessing city commissions after a marathon meeting addressing the panels' authority. 

Culver City Patch had its official launch party. A big thanks to the Haro Gallery for making the event beautiful. 


New columnist Mike King gives his take on the adjustments to school permit rules. 

Police Chief Don Pedersen confronts a vote of no-confidence by union members and their list of accusations.


Patch caught up with , and discussed how he plans to lead the team. 

We found out how the Sprouts Farmers Market keeps its prices so low. 


Nighttime soccer games will soon commence at Bill Botts Field, as construction on a long-awaited light project will end this week. 

Want to spend only a few dollars? We found out that $5 can go a long way in Culver City. 


Resident Patrick Sullivan gave us his view on pedestrian and car traffic.




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