Jul 29, 2014
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Cupertino's De Anza College Saves Energy, Saves Money

Platinum LEED-certified building, plus renovations and retrofits keep tons of CO2 emissions out of the air and loads of money back into the colleges' pockets.

Cupertino's De Anza College Saves Energy, Saves Money

By Marisa Spatafore, Director, Marketing/Communications, De Anza College 

The Foothill-De Anza Community College District has received $77,270 from PG&E for energy savings achieved through De Anza College's Media & Learning Center (MLC) and the A9/PE6 renovation and retrofits. The  Savings by Design program is administered by California utilities and encourages high-performance, non-residential building design and construction.

The MLC has achieved an energy savings of 37.5 kW and 142,653.00 kWh, or 34.84 metric tons of avoided CO2 emissions—the equivalent of one year of powering seven homes or removing five cars from the road. The savings resulted in a $63,105 check from PG&E, with the remaining $14,165 for the A9/PE6 renovation and retrofits. The A9/PE6 project attained energy savings of 36,607 kWh and 5,380 therms, the equivalent of avoiding 37.49 metric tons of CO2 emissions and enough to power nine homes or remove six cars from the road for one year.

The MLC, which opened in fall 2012, is the newest green building on the De Anza campus. It provides flexible, general-purpose classrooms and labs, as well as office space for for Distance Learning, the Office of Staff and Organizational Development, and the Technology Resources Group, including a film and TV studio. The MLC was designed to meet Platinum rating based on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, the highest rating for an energy-efficient, green building.

The building was constructed with funds from Measure C, the $491 million construction, facilities and technology bond approved by local voters in 2006. More information and the most recent report by the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) are available at  http://measurec.fhda.edu/.

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