23 Aug 2014
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Grassroots Group Forms to Address City's Traffic Congestion

Clogged up traffic in Cupertino is at the heart of a local group looking to provide solutions.

Grassroots Group Forms to Address City's Traffic Congestion

When I spoke to city council candidates in the run-up to the election I asked them what topics of concern were they hearing about from their neighbors. There were two that got the most mention: traffic and retail.

Traffic congestion relief and the environmental benefits of cutting back on car usage in Cupertino was at the heart of at over the past few months.

Jones’ blogs took on a life of their own spawning serious conversations here on Cupertino Patch about how to solve some of the traffic congestion problems in the city.

Now a group of people such as Jones, , John Bartas, and Frank Geefay have formed a citizens’ group, Friends of Cupertino Transit System, which is taking it upon themselves to find solutions to getting people out of their cars and into a convenient transit system.

Coming soon will be a website of its own and regularly planned meetings.

Cupertino Patch will serve as a hub for the group where you’ll find updates on the concept and a place where you can contribute your own ideas and concerns.

Stay tuned and let us know if you want to get involved.

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