Jul 25, 2014

Farewell From Your Editor

Danville Patch editor, Elizabeth Shemaria, who launched the site in Feb. 2010 as this first Patch site in Northern California, is passing the reins over to a new editor. Say goodbye before my last day on Oct. 7.

Farewell From Your Editor

Dear readers, friends and others in the Danville community,

After almost two years working as your Danville Patch editor, a new editor will be the face of the site after Oct. 7.

As editor, I have had the opportunity to meet several of you at community events, town meetings, while on assignment for stories, and once, at a Saturday morning dance class at .

It has been wonderful getting to know the community and the interesting people who call the San Ramon Valley home.

I have interviewed an , , , , an , and so many others.

There were the times I worked nonstop for several days, such as when and contributor and I updated you with the latest news about the search. Seeing the feedback from readers about our work let us know how much you appreciated our efforts.

It has been a pleasure working with all of our amazing contributors on Danville Patch, including , , , , , , , , and . Editing their stories and photos each week taught me a lot about this community, as each shared a perspective of life in Danville or Alamo and the stories that are compelling to them.

Many of the stories you read on Danville Patch are part of a team effort by all of our great Tri-Valley editors: Jennifer Wadsworth, the former editor at San Ramon Patch, Erika Conner at Dublin Patch, Tanya Rose at Pleasanton Patch and Kris Noceda at Livermore Patch, as well as our neighbor at Walnut Creek Patch, Lance Howland, our and .

A special thanks goes out to Erin and Ford Andrews and their staff at for welcoming me for many hours at a time, as I worked on stories in downtown Danville. I will miss all of you, and of course, the famous Watermelon Mint Cooler.

I hope everyone who visits the site will think about sharing your story with the contributors and new editor.

Don't be shy.

Say hello, if you see them with their notebook, pen, and camera, at one of the Hartz Avenue street fairs or a football game.

Send a news tip, if you hear helicopters flying over your house, or smoke and fire trucks on your street, and they will find out what is going on.

Write in, to tell the editor about the humanitarian project your daughter is working on during her summer off from school.

Speak up, about the new development in your neighborhood by writing that letter to the editor.

Stories, told here on Danville Patch and in the conversations at coffee shops, schools and dinner tables, make up the fabric of any community.

Tell yours on Danville Patch, and contribute a little patch of yourself to the community.

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