Jul 30, 2014
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Local established non-profit making great strides in San Ramon Valley school district.

Local established non-profit making great strides in San Ramon Valley school district.


SaveCASchools.org founded in 2004 by Jason Brown

from Stone Castle LHF has established itself as the premier sponsor for the San Ramon Valley Education Fund (SRVEF) Friends of the Foundation.

> Over the past 10 years

SaveCASchools.org has chosen SRVEF to be the

primary recipient for all donations. With a change in direction this past fall, Jason decided to ask his realtor sponsors to choose the school in which they would like their money donated. This new direction has proven successful with more realtors joining

the program and our schools seeing the benefit directly.

> Carrie Shapiro, the Education Fund president at John Baldwin Elementary in Danville, saw the need for the program to focus its attention per school, per education fund has

joined the organization as their Executive Director. Typically education funds within the public elementary schools raise roughly $300,000 a year through suggested donations at fall registration and a spring fundraiser. Other fundraising efforts are also made

throughout the year to help pay for the programs that otherwise would not be available for our children. Programs include, art, science, PE, music, reading intervention, library hours, classroom aides to name a few.
> "With the support of our local real estate professionals to help keep our fund successful is a win-win for everyone". Carrie says. "Our children benefit from the programs

and our home values keep increasing. We are so appreciative of this program."  

> The non-profit focuses its attention on the collaboration between our strong real estate market and brokers and the schools education funds. The realtors choose the school

in which to donate and the schools benefit from a small portion of the closed escrow.

> This model has proven very successful with Alain Pinels Andrea Scott and Rancho Romero Elementary in Alamo. Andrea recently donated $1500.00 to Rancho's Education Fund.

In turn, Rancho will help to support Andrea and advertise for her in their weekly newsletters. The donations made to help fund the Education foundation will help offset costs for programs and staff that the state does not cover.

> Other schools in the area are welcoming

saveCASchools.org and supportive of the mission

of the non profit. Realtors as well are excited to help the local schools and support the various programs that otherwise would not be funded.


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