23 Aug 2014
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Patch Picks: Free Wi-Fi Spots

Whether you are working your social network, or actually working, these are our favorite local Wi-Fi hot spots to catch a free ride on the information superhighway.

Patch Picks: Free Wi-Fi Spots

The office of the 21st century is turning increasingly mobile.

Smart devices have enabled us to take our virtual workplaces and social lives with us wherever we go, but there is still a cost to connect.

Many businesses are finding that if they share their Wi-Fi access for free, customers will come, buy things and stay awhile.

This week we share five of our favorite free Wi-Fi hotspots, some well known, and some you might be surprised to learn about.

1. The Place: Starbucks or Peet's Coffee & Tea

Made for people who miss the familiarity of seeing the same people at the coffee station, these coffee houses have become the new office for many working people.

Multiple local locations to choose from. Favorites for working include:

  • Starbucks at 4000 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, in Danville. This location features a large and comfortable space with many comfy chairs and couches, and has plentiful parking. If you need to meet someone for a business lunch, lots of choices are just steps away.
  • at 3121 Crow Canyon Place, Suite C, San Ramon. This location gets high marks for their service, their spacious and well kept location, and their ease of parking.

2. The Place:

411 Hartz Ave., Danville

You really don't need much of an excuse to visit this local favorite, but the free Wi-Fi is the cream on top of a delectable establishment. Aside from the rustic environment, and high quality organic food, there is also great outdoor seating. All the comforts of home, including blankets, and no dishes to clean up.

3. The Place: in Alamo

150 Alamo Plaza, #A, Alamo

This location has big comfy booths, and a particularly outstanding salad bar, not to mention pizza to nosh on while you work. Parking is plentiful, and unless you happen to be there after a sports league game, fairly relaxed and quiet. This is a particularly good pick if you have the kids along with you.

4. The Place: Whole Foods and Safeway

So, you don't really associate the grocery store as the place you want to hang out in to do your virtual business? For quick pit-stops, and for you multi-tasking types, free Wi-Fi is available in the San Ramon Whole Foods and at most local Safeways.

5. The Place: The Library

If you crave peace and quiet, and like the study hall vibe, complete with cubicle desks, then the library is for you. Because the traffic is strong on their hot spots, some things may be slower, and it will be challenging to run bandwidth suckers like Pandora Radio.

Particular favorites are:

  • 400 Front Street, Danville
  • 17017 Bollinger Canyon Rd., San Ramon

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