21 Aug 2014
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San Ramon Valley Republican Delegate Profile: Judy Lloyd

With the Republican National convention scheduled to start today, Patch talked with San Ramon Valley delegate Judy Lloyd about her life in politics and why she is supporting Mitt Romney for President.

San Ramon Valley Republican Delegate Profile: Judy Lloyd

We contacted local Republican delegate Judy Lloyd to tell us a little about herself and why she is headed to Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention. This is what she told Patch.


Judy Lloyd’s 30 years in politics, government, and business in Washington, D.C., New York, and California have placed her in roles inside government as a public official and outside of government as a private sector citizen.

She currently serves as the Executive Editor of ThoughtfulWomen.org and is a frequent commentator on business and politics at The Fox and Hounds Daily and Capolitical Review.

Lloyd was appointed to federal government roles by President Reagan to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by President George W. Bush to the U.S. Department of Labor.  She served as special assistant to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, and also as staff assistant for a New York Congressman. Through her tenure in government, she earned exceptional achievement awards for her no nonsense approach and notable government service.

Lloyd lives in the San Ramon Valley with her husband and son and serves in leadership roles for state and local non-profit organizations that empower women in business and deal with health care and taxpayer policy.

1. What do you hope to gain while attending the convention?

I hope to meet new friends across the country who are committed to making the country better. We are seeking to improve our economic freedoms by rolling back red tape so small businesswomen and men have the opportunity to thrive.  I want to learn from them how their states work and how the future looks to them as far as prosperity and the legacy we will leave to our children.

2. What inspired you to be a delegate? Have you done it before? When?

I served in 2000 as a Delegate and have attended the RNC Conventions in 1984, 1992, 1996, and 2004.

3. How important do you think is this year’s presidential election?

This is the most consequential presidential election of my lifetime.  If we cannot get our economic footing back and continue to be reliant on government, our lives will be run by bureaucrats and we will continue to be over taxed. The business climate is so limiting in California and its time to get the country back in the right place when it comes to jobs and innovation.

4. Why do you think people should vote for Romney?

People should vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan because they offer a better vision for a country and a world where our children can grow and thrive. They offer less reliance on government solutions and believe in people’s individual abilities to succeed. 

While we must help those who require a helping hand from government, we must also be conscience of the budgets and deficits that we will pass on to our children if we don’t get things under control. Solyndra is just one example of of misuse of $527 million lost on a bad investment. Taxpayers only recovered $24 million from this poor choice the Obama Administration made. That’s just wrong.

As someone with an energetic spirit for innovation, I believe the Romney-Ryan ticket provides the best opportunity for us to make strides in the medical field, in innovation, and in science utilizing common sense solutions. We need jobs and its time to renew our commitment to getting America thriving again. California has dropped from the 5th largest economy to the 10th largest economy. It’s time to regain our economic footing and to do that means believing in our country’s and our people’s ability to thrive.

5. During last year’s Republican presidential primary, were you always a Mitt Romney supporter or were you hoping for a different candidate to be the party’s nominee? If so, how has Romney won you over? What about Romney makes you believe he will be a good president?

Romney was among many candidates I evaluated for the nomination. As we saw the men and women debate their ideas, it seemed that Mitt Romney’s ideas were the most sound. He offered the best vision and had the most depth of thought on how to deal with the economy. He has a good track record to do just that and I’m honored to be part of the California Delegation supporting him.

6. On a scale of 1-10, how crazy are the delegate parties at the convention? Do you have any good stories?

The California parties are always a lot of fun (they’re probably 8 or 9 out of 10) and the beach venue in Tampa should be great for us. My favorite party was called the “Malee for Haley” in 1996 when Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi was the RNC Chairman. It had great music with funk bands and southern hospitality. I think they may have served “hurricanes” as drinks which could be appropriate this year as well for Republicans in Tampa. It was really the most fun party I think I’ve been to. There was also a great party in NYC on The Intrepid in 2004 where the Pointer Sisters played. That one was a blast!

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