Jul 30, 2014
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Icemen Basketball Individual Workouts (Begin Sept 18th)

Icemen Basketball Individual Workouts (Begin Sept 18th) Icemen Basketball Individual Workouts (Begin Sept 18th) Icemen Basketball Individual Workouts (Begin Sept 18th)
Icemen Individual Workouts start September 18th. Maybe you'll be the next Valley/IE player to make it big! We helped 73 players since 2006 receive scholarships.

Featured: Ryan Smith (Cal Lutheran, Tulane University). Davin Guinn (Vista Murrieta, UCR), Brandon Rosser (TV, Central Arizona).

Call for information. 951-696-2313 or email Icemenbball@aol.com. Like us on Facebook. Coach Malecki

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Dear Coach

I would like to thank you for helping Mark Eden (Don Lugo HS) reach his goal of getting a basketball scholarship . I really appreciate all your time and effort you put by helping him improve his basketball skills and by getting him some exposure to college basketball coaches, without that he would probably be at a junior college or not playing at all. We really like SD Christian, and hope that this will be a great fit for Mark. 

The Eden Family

(Greg Newell, Son of Pete Newell)
Today, was one of the Basketball Days that will be cherished and imbedded in my mind till the day I die. Had the chance to witness one helluva High School Basketball CAMP/SHOWCASE run by  Todd Malecki, out in Murrieta, CA. (Cal Lutheran HS). The featured TEACHING Coaches; aside from Todd; were longtime College and NBA Head Coach: Don Casey and a Coach I knew ZERO about heading into this Camp; Tim Cook; the Head BB Coach at San Diego Christian University and a disciple of Hall of Fame College BB Coach: Ralph Miller (Oregon St. most notably). The knowledge Coaches Casey; Cook and Malecki displayed in their TEACHING today was amazing and incredibly impressive. This Showcase was so far below their pay grade; yet they were as enthusiastic as I couldn't believe. The kids responded and though these aren't your "Rated/Ranked" HS players; these kids are what they call: "Under the Radar" because they aren't dialed in or hooked up with a recognized national AAU Program; etc. But there was serious TALENT out there and the way they took the teaching and coaching they received? Wow!! It's funny to me and it was so obvious; some of these kids had a hard time trying to learn what was being taught to them early in Camp......3 hours later? They had it down and I mean they had it down!!! Amazing when Coaches who KNOW how to TEACH; what miracles do happen!!?!?!? LOL Thanks; Todd for the invite. Greg

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