15 Sep 2014
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http://www.gofundme.com/6bhrs4 Today my family was blessed with a 4000 dollar donation. This amazing blessing greatly reduces our stress. It doesn't cure all our issues but it is proof that the Lord will provide. In one weeks time the Lord has worked great strides. He has shown me and those close to this situation that thru faith no challenge or problem can Trump the almighty. Other than thanking our Lord I still must give thanks to those of you who have contributed thus far. Thank you for all your contributions both spiritual and financial. You have all truly been a blessing. I pray this mini success leads to greater things to come. Thank you all and blessings.      Good morning and happy February. Today I woke happy for the 1st time in many months praising the Lord for the blessings he sent thus far and prayed for continued provision. We don't want to as a family to end up back in this routine of homelessness. With what we have managed to obtain it helps knowing that when evicted from this shelter we won't be completely homeless but have some means to a have roof.       Initially when I imagined this campaign I had no idea we would make it this far. Further proof our Lord does hear prayers and answers. Since we have made it this far I must push forward. There are 2 situations in my family that need rectifying in order for us to succeed. One, is to find and secure a home. This seems like the priority above all else but my mind isin conflict. On the other hand our vehicle as of today is illegal. We must go thru the steps of catching up 4 payments to void an interstate repo, then transfer my wifes license, insurance, registration, etc. So the dilemma is take care of the vehicle issues preventing future legal issues or get a home. With the provision we have received we can not do both. So today's question is if you were us what would you do?       God bless you all, thank you for reading, and have a great weekend.

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