Jul 30, 2014

Viva Supermarket Has Hiring Event Saturday

Hometown Sign to Be Replaced Soon

Viva Supermarket Has Hiring Event Saturday Viva Supermarket Has Hiring Event Saturday Viva Supermarket Has Hiring Event Saturday

After numerous re-paints, the front of Hometown Market--soon to be Viva Supermarket--has a classy, contemporary look that sits attractively as an anchor in that shopping center which includes CVS on one end and Round Table Pizza on the other.

Numerous attempts have been made to reach Sean Lolee, the owner of stores in Sacramento and Natomas without success, but the store appears to be opening soon. A sign that appeared today touts a hiring event this coming Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm at the store and a new 'Viva Supermarket' sign is expected to go up on the building next. 

The company philosophy is to offer the highest quality products and the lowest prices and always with exceptional customer service. In addition to the Dixon store, the company website says there are two other new stores planned to open this year in the Sacramento area.

For those interested in applying, the Viva staff says to be ready to provide previous employer information, including employment from and to dates and addresses.

One will also need to provide the following pieces of personal information: a Social Security number, employment history, and personal and professional references.

The Viva Team shares a "strong work ethic" and dedication to providing our guests with "superior service," they say and that as part of the Viva Team, one can look forward to a rewarding career with a company that is on the move.

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