Jul 26, 2014

Measure N Wording Discrepancy: Revised Ballots to be Sent Out

Did you already fill out a vote-by-mail ballot?

Measure N Wording Discrepancy: Revised Ballots to be Sent Out

Stephen Pierce
Solano County Public Communications Officer

About 4,600 voters in Dixon will receive a revised vote-by-mail ballot due to a discrepancy in the wording provided on Measure N.

The vote-by-mail ballot that arrived earlier this week should be discarded.  If a voter has already cast their vote-by-mail ballot, they should complete the new ballot and send it to the Registrar of Voters office. 

“This new and corrected ballot has been flagged by our system to ensure only one ballot per vote-by-mail voter is counted,” said Deputy Registrar of Voters John Gardner.

If a voter inadvertently sends the vote-by-mail ballot with the old wording, the ballot will still be counted after the system determines only one vote-by-mail ballot has been returned.

Dixon residents registered to vote-by-mail who have not received their revised ballot by Friday, Oct. 19 should contact the Registrar of Voters Office at (707) 784-6675 or by email at  elections@solanocounty.com.

The revised Measure N language on the ballot states “Shall the ordinance relating to Additional City Government Meeting and Records Regulations be Adopted?”  The previous language on the ballot started this sentence with “Will an ordinance …”. 

The revised language aligns the provided wording on the ballot with the requirements in the election code to use the term “shall” in reference to the adoption of ordinances.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this correction to the ballot may cause,” Gardner said.

Vote-by-mail voters with questions regarding this ballot correction should call the Registrar of Voters office at 784-6675.

The Registrar reminds all Solano County voters that they should have received all of their other election materials for the Nov. 6 election, including the sample ballot statement and the Voter Information Guide from the Secretary of State’s office.  If not, voters should contact the Registrar of Voters office at (707) 784-6675 or by email at  elections@solanocounty.com.

All election materials are available at  www.solanocounty.com/elections.

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