Ever had a question you wanted to ask a chef but didn't know one to ask? Dublin's Chef Michele Wieser, better known around the Tri-Valley as "Chef Shell the Dinner Belle," answers your cooking queries.

Patch reader Carol Pool asked: Can you find a scholarship for chef's school for my grandson?

According to Wieser, most culinary academies offer scholarships. She recommends searching on the website of each cooking school. There are several culinary academies in the Bay Area.

Charlotte Lyman Gracer wants to know: How do you perfectly poach an egg?

The secret, according to Wieser, is in the vinegar. 

"It helps congeal the egg whites," Wieser said.

Wieser recommends  this recipe for the perfect poached egg. 

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Patch readers submitted their cooking questions via Facebook. If you could ask a professional chef any cooking question, what would it be? Tell us in the comments section and Chef Shell may be able to give you an answer in the next article.

Chef Shell is a certified personal chef for professional athletes. She has taught for the Dublin Unified School District, Williams Sonoma and Viking Home Chef.

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