Jul 29, 2014

Council Candidates on What Sets Them Apart from the Others

Stay tuned this week as we share answers to questions Patch sent to the City Council candidates.

Council Candidates on What Sets Them Apart from the Others

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

Kevin Hart

The only incumbent with the most political experience.  I have developed strong partnership with the business community and key stakeholders along with other elected officials in order to better the community.

Doreen Wehrenberg

I have 8 years experience as a Planning Commissioner with the City of Dublin. Stepping into a Council Member role is a natural transition.  I understand zoning and land use issues.  I make recommendations to the City Council and work collaboratively with City Staff. My experience with construction management enhances my skills to creatively resolve problems, understand budgets, and work with numerous regulatory agencies. My experience, skills, commitment, and vision will help me be an effective City Council member.

Shawn Costello 

I have been running for 28 years. This is my tenth election. I am in a wheelchair. I have cerebral palsy. But that should not be a problem. With the voters, they should think that I can do the job just as well as anyone else.

Anita Carr

My goal as Councilwoman will be to bring together the voices of those citizens who wake every day aspiring to make this a better community.

I will represent them. I will fight against anyone that tries to diminish their say in the decisions that will guide our future.

Although I do not have a background as an educator, except for a stint as a graduate teaching assistant, I will fight hard to ensure Dublin provides an excellent education to every student and to pave their way to the best colleges, trade schools or art schools.

I am a 15 year resident of Dublin who has lived here and seen the explosive growth of our community and how well our city has managed that growth.

I am a highly qualified individual who brings a tremendous amount of experience with her to ensure Dublin’s continued success, fiscal responsibility and high quality of life.

I am creative, a visionary, a strategic planner, a negotiator and problem solver.  I develop innovative solutions and ideas.

The combination of my Fortune 500 experience in the Financial Services and Telecommunications Industries, specifically in Information Technology as an executive, and my being a Dublin City Commissioner for 6 years along with my leadership roles in community based non-profit organization makes me a seasoned and well-rounded individual who will succeed as your city council member.

I will continue to support good fiscal management for the City of Dublin.  Having worked for Fortune 500s, I have experience managing departmental budgets of $4.5 million and I’ve negotiated contracts of $150 million.

Of course, public safety will always be the number one priority of any city. It will always be my number one priority as well.

I am dedicated to my community. I am not beholden to any special interest group or faction. I respect the work of our excellent city staff and will work with them to bring out the best in Dublin. I feel that I can examine issues objectively and make the correct decision for our community.  I will listen to our residents.

I am running for city council to offer proven leadership and to deliver the creative solutions Dublin residents demand and deserve. I will provide accountable leadership that will not be silent. I want to achieve the best quality of life for residents by working to bring businesses that will provide challenging and well-paying jobs.  I will work to preserve our outstanding educational system.

I also have a scientific degree and credentials (B.S. in Biology/Microbiology; M.T. (ASCP)) and a healthcare background in an earlier career and will focus on environmental issues.

I have completed 45 units towards a Masters Degree in Math/Computer Science and I received a $5,000 scholarship to Stanford where I completed Stanford’s Professional Education in Leadership.  Additionally I completed over 40 IBM Information Systems Management Institute courses.  I have been trained in the Senn Delaney Leadership methods.

I am a grandmother who enjoys her family and a 2 year old toddler grand-daughter.  My hobby is weaving silk tapestries and I enjoy the arts.

I am currently serving as the California Federation of Women’s Club State Arts Program Chairman providing leadership to over 13,000 volunteers in our state.  Some key components of this leadership position is to ensure the continued success of our statewide Student Art & Photography contest open to K-12.  Also under my direction is the Music Competition and the Literature Competition.  I conceived and am conducting a brand new contest statewide called ‘The Great California Reveal’.  This is for California students in grades 4-12, and even for home schoolers.

David Haubert

Business background in sales, marketing and finance endorsed by all three living former mayors - Janet Lockhart, Guy Houston and Pete Snyder) as well as Scott Haggerty and Nate Miley only candidate with children living in Dublin and attending Dublin schools

Shehu Hassan

I am unbought by any developer and will keep it that way. I am the only person with fresh ideas from outside the establishment. Dublin is at the cross-road in its growth process, it needs fresh ideas and a new way of solving problems. We do not have budgetary crisis facing other cities, this is due largely to fact that Dublin is a new city and we need the leadership with foresight to guide it into the future.

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