22 Aug 2014
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Upcoming School Holidays in Dublin

Only about 80 full school days left this year. Find out when you'll need to plan for days off and spring break.

If you're like me, you grab those school calendar magnets at back-to-school registration like they're gold and refer to them constantly to synch your schedule with the many school holidays that seem to pop up when you least expect them.

Lord knows the kids won't mention it until the last minute. And pray you're not the parent who shows up to an empty school parking lot.

If you can't find your magnet or you want an extra copy of the sked to print out and tuck in your planner, here's the 2013 calendar can be found at the Dublin Unified School District website.

And here are the rest of the key dates you'll need to know:

2/15/13 Non-work day

2/18/13 President's Day

4/1-5/13 Spring Break

5/27/13 Memorial Day

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