23 Aug 2014
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Donald Trerise of Don’s Auto Repair Dies

Trerise, 83, founded the legendary Don’s Auto Repair.

Donald Trerise was respected and beloved by all who knew him, myself included. He passed away on Sunday, Feb. 10, according to his daughter Judy Evers, a little more than a year and a half after the passing of his wife Nancy. He was 83.

Trerise established Don’s Auto Repair in the 1950s after serving in the U.S. Navy. A Franklin High School graduate, he set up his thriving business with his father after serving as a mechanic with Langendorf Bakeries.

Trerise was also active with his church, where he was a key leader of his congregation and caretaker of the church building. Well known as an honest and knowledgeable mechanic, he had a huge established clientele.

He sold his business to Eagle Rock resident Viken Ouzounian after retiring in the late 1990s. Ouzounian has retained the auto repair shop's original name and serves Trerise's former clients at the same location on 5058 York Blvd. and Avenue 51. What's more, even the shop's telephone number has survived the decades.

Along with a grateful community, I thank the Trerise family for sharing their dad and grandfather with those of us who got to know and love him. He will never be forgotten.

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