23 Aug 2014
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Do You Know This Lost Dog or its Owner?

A sweet-looking pooch was found Tuesday in El Sereno.

Do You Know This Lost Dog or its Owner? Do You Know This Lost Dog or its Owner?

It’s highly unlikely that whoever owns this cute-looking dog lives in Eagle Rock, but there’s a fair chance somebody in the neighborhood knows someone—who perhaps knows someone—who knows just where the pooch came from.

The male—possibly a Poodle mix—was found Tuesday in El Sereno, near Collis Avenue and Pullman Street. He has curly brown hair, with a cream-colored face and paws that blend beautifully with a pair of hazel eyes.

A lady by the name of Tamie Towers found him without any tags and no microchip, although he does have a collar. He “seems fine—just really lost—someone must be looking for this dog,” Towers wrote in an e-mail addressed Wednesday morning to TERA President Bob Gotham, who kindly suggested that Eagle Rock Patch put out the word in the hope of uniting the pooch with its owner.

If you know this dog or think you know where his home might be—or even if you remember seeing him somewhere—please contact Tamie Towers at the following e-mail address: Tamiesbox@roadrunner.com

You can also see the dog’s photos on Towers’ Facebook page

Please pass the news around.

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