Jul 28, 2014
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Brain Dead Tagger Identified

He is Daniel Ventura, 19, who lived in the Rampart area.

Brain Dead Tagger Identified Brain Dead Tagger Identified Brain Dead Tagger Identified


The 19-year-old tagger who shattered his skull while trying to paint graffiti on a building early Thursday morning has been identified by police as Daniel Ventura.

Ventura, who lived in the Rampart area, is believed to have climbed a tree in front of 1616 Beverly Blvd. to paint graffiti on the building there.

He was found on the sidewalk below the building after police responded to a call.

Officers found spray paint at the scene, but a witness to what happened has yet to be identified.

As of Monday afternoon, Ventura's could still be seen on the second-story of the corner facing Union Place, highly visible to those traveling east on Beverly Boulevard.

Police say he was not a prolific or otherwise "well-known" tagger as far as they could tell.

The building is just a block west of Belmont High School.

According to Rampart detectives, it is not known whether Ventura still remains on life support after being declared "brain dead" Thursday.

According to officers, standard procedure is patients declared brain dead to be observed for several days in case brain waves return.

Police are still hoping that whoever called in the man's death will come forward and provide more information.

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