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A Neighbor and Chef Remembers Murdered Los Feliz Realtor

Woodie Wade of the Wednesday Dinner Delivery Service says Catherine Davis was a vivacious and spirited "Good Eater," who loved peach cobbler.

A Neighbor and Chef Remembers Murdered Los Feliz Realtor

The following was originally distributed as an email, sent out soon after investigators confirmed that Catherine Davis of 3605 Lowry Road in Los Feliz had died a brutal death at the alleged hands of a tenant.

Its author, Woodie Wade, Davis's neighbor on Lowry Road, allowed us to share it with the Echo Park-Silver Lake Patch audience.


Hello To All My Good Eaters,

As many of you already know Tragedy Struck Lowry Road Wednesday Morning, September 25th. I lost one of My Good Eaters.  Miss Cathy was a wonderfully vivacious and spirited neighbor and friend.  She was brutally attacked and killed by a tenant that lived in her home.  Words cannot express the loss we are all feeling on our street.  

Miss Cathy, as I called her, was so excited when I started my Dinner Delivery Service.  Each week when I would delivery to her home there would always be an envelope on the table outside on the terrace of payment along with Newspaper clippings from the Food section of the LA Times with a hand-written note of suggestions and menus that I might want to try.  She would then send me a lengthy email filled with reviews mostly favorable.  Although one week my Asparagus Soup did not fare so well with her but she was very sweet with letting me know.

Her favorite dessert was my Peach Cobbler.  I know that because when I would drop her deliveries into the Kitchen each week Miss Cathy would call out to me in her delicious Texan twang, "Woodie is that you?" "Yes Miss Cathy…..I'm in the Kitchen."  "Any chance of Peach Cobbler for next Wednesday?"she would say."  Of course I would always comply.

I've  included below one of the many reviews that I would receive each week from "VillaWest." That was the name of Miss Cathy's home.  I wanted to share a little piece of the woman that I knew and adored. 

We enjoyed our Wed. night dinner.  Our diners were from Germany, Italy, Finland, Chicago and Texas.  Here's the report.   Everybody approved the salad. Germany and Italy especially liked that you shaved the carrots.  The dressing was just right.    The meat loaf was voted superb.  Chicago and Texas would have liked more gravy.   (Maybe you can send a little cup for extra gravy in future). 
Germany especially liked that you used brown gravy rather than the often-used tomato sauce topping.     The potatoes were the biggest hit.  Everybody thought they were special and were guessing what you put in them. Finland thinks you added a little Feta cheese.    
The peas were ok.  Germany thought the onions didn't add anything.  Italy thought you might consider adding diced red or orange bell peppers to give them a little color, crunch and flavor.  Texas does green peas with bacon drippings and Finland says in Finland they are usually roughly pureed with shallots, she thought.   You were definitely voted a success. It was all delicious.  
We have a bit of a challenge at this house because some like to dine at  8:00 and some at 10:00 pm.  We don't necessarily eat together, but for this occasion we agreed on 8:30.  I didn't know if I could put the paper cartons in the oven to stay warm or if I should wait and reheat in  the microwave.  I put the food in baking dishes in the oven, covered with foil, and left all to stay warm at 225 degrees.  Seemed to work fine.  Can the cartons be put in the oven do you think?   Keep us posted on menus.    

Miss Cathy…..You were definitely voted My Favorite Good Eater, Friend & Neighbor, and I will honor you each week in my Heart as I carry on with my "Wednesday with Woodie" Dinner Delivery in Fond Memory of you.

Love, Chef Woodie

Chef Woodie Wade can be reached through the website http://woodieskitchen.com/.


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