Jul 30, 2014

Echo Park Film Center Ponders 'Place' in Online Series

The Center's "Marvelous Movie Mondays" offering for Feb. 13 is a video on L.A.'s cell phone trees.

Echo Park Film Center Ponders 'Place' in Online Series Echo Park Film Center Ponders 'Place' in Online Series Echo Park Film Center Ponders 'Place' in Online Series

We've noted again and again the treasure that is Echo Park's Film Center, which

Leadership Spending Time in Europe

Founder Paolo Davanzo and operations manager Lisa Marr are in Rotterdam, Netherlands, through the end of May.

They've just wrapped up a residency at a Dutch gallery and will be teaching filmmaking to immigrant youth from Turkey, Morocco and Suriname--using the curriculum they developed at EPFC.

Then they plan to tour Europe by bike playing live music and screening films.

You can keep up up with the two on their blog, Sell Your TV and Come to the Cinema.

Storefront Busy With "Pondering Place"

Back at the Alvarado Street storefront, EPFC's keeping up a busy schedule with the usual mix of programs and screenings, including "Marvelous Movie Mondays," which appears to be a weekly online video share.

This month's theme is "Pondering Place":

We're celebrating/exploring the idea of Pondering Place this month, looking at a handful of works that foreground that which is usually background -- landscape. These pieces invite us to contemplate and re-see the physical spaces that surround us and help shape our lives, perceptions, and routines.

The EPFC's Facebook page for Monday, Feb. 13, features a short by Kate Lain, while an artist-in-resident at EPFC.

See that here.

It's part of her series "FIELD NOTES: Processing the Idea of Nature in Los Angeles."

Echo Park Film Center is located at 1200 North Alvarado Street  Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213) 484-8846

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