22 Aug 2014
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Five Questions: CD 13 Candidate Scott Crawford -- Part 2

Crawford talks about the L.A. River, alternative transportation and his favorite Echo Park and Silver Lake places.

Five Questions: CD 13 Candidate Scott Crawford -- Part 2

Scott Crawford is a Silver Lake resident and member of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.

He got the race for a new City Council District 13 seat off to an early start last week

By Friday it was also known that CD 13 deputy Mitch O'Farrell had entered the race as expected.

We asked Crawford to answer what we felt were some imporant initial questions for the community. (We've asked O'Farrell too.)


And you can read the rest below.

Echo Park Patch: What about the L.A. River?  What would you like most to see done there?  What can we do at a local level to make that project a priority for the Army Corps of Engineers?

Scott Crawford: Great cities around the world have a great river running through them and L.A. is no different--all that’s missing is a collective move to unite the many organizations that have a piece of the preservation and revitalization puzzle and to work together to secure the funding necessary to implement the vision.

From FOLAR to Friends of Griffith Park, great people are doing awesome work but real conservation requires real money and that is something I commit to doing, just as I did when I partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy to go to the United Nations to get the Hollyhock House declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site which qualified us for millions in preservation funds.

Echo Park Patch: What is the role of alternative transportation in the community, especially bicycles and walking?  

Scott Crawford: I believe that alternative transportation is the key to our future, to a sustainable environment, and to healthy communities. We must have Complete Streets that work for everybody, offering choices so that people can rely on mass transit that works, they can walk on sidewalks that are unbroken, they can ride bikes without hitting potholes, and they can drive on streets that get people where they need to go with sufficient parking when they get to their destination. Great Streets support great choices and they work for everybody.

Echo Park Patch: What’s the single most important skill you would bring to CD 13?

Scott Crawford: I’m proud of many things but most of all, i’m skilled at building partnerships that move us forward to solutions that depend on many people working together in a concerted effort with a focus on a common goal.

As a Silver lake Neighborhood Council boardmember, I work hard to bring people together and to bring organizations such as the Silver Lake Neighborhood Improvement Association and the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce together. It is my experience that great community partnerships always leads to great results.

Echo Park Patch: What’s your favorite Silver Lake/Echo Park landmark? Destination?

Scott Crawford: I have blood, sweat and tears invested in the restoration of the Hollyhock House, so it’s my favorite. But then, so are the Music Box Steps which are a part of my neighborhood. Ultimately, this question is like asking a parent to name their favorite child. I love walking around the Silver Lake, I love socializing at the dog park, I love showing my friends the Neutra homes, and every day I find another reason to fall in love with my community.

Echo Park Patch: Who would you like to see most running against you? Why?

Scott Crawford: I have no intentions of running “against” anybody, I’d rather run “for” CD13, the district I call home, and “for” the people that I am committed to working for, just as I am doing now but from City Hall. Participatory democracy needs robust contested elections and I look forward to talking issues with the candidates who throw their hat in the ring. Most of all, I look forward to hearing what the voters want us to hear.

Echo Park Patch: What will be your first public event in the neighborhood as a candidate?

Scott Crawford: As a boardmember of Make Music Los Angeles, I can assure you it will have a musical component and as a boardmember of the Silver Lake Jubilee, I’m inspired to make it an outdoor event that celebrates our community. The kids from Hollywood High’s Media Academy will play a big role and it would be nice to host it atop Barnsdall Park.

It will celebrate all that is wonderful about the 13th District, from the glamour of Hollywood to the charm of Atwater Village to the eclectic character of Silver Lake and Echo Park. Most of all, as someone who has travelled to 48 different countries, I want this event to have an international flair that celebrates the diversity of CD13, a district that has over a hundred languages spoken by its residents, my friends and neighbors, my partners.

Find out more about Scott Crawford's campaign here.

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