20 Aug 2014
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KAREVUE pioneers telemedicine solution for Google Glass®

KAREVUE pioneers telemedicine solution for Google Glass®
CareClix, a Washington D.C.-based mobile health and telemedicine company, has partnered with Los Angeles-based NAG, Inc. to develop and incorporate a telemedicine application for Google Glass® called KAREVUE ( www.karevue.com).
This collaboration represents an unprecedented use of Google Glass® technology to permit telemedicine visits and virtual consultations throughout the world. Telemedicine is a widely expanding healthcare delivery system that utilizes a combination of telecommunications and information technology for real-time sharing of medical information between physicians and patients.
“CareClix was the first to develop a virtual medical examination portal that enables doctors to see and care for their patients via video conferencing anywhere, anytime,” said Dr. Sunil Budhrani, CEO of CareClix. “We are very excited to take our technology leaps forward and advance telemedicine through new possibilities offered by Google Glass.”
NAG is integrating CareClix’s web-based technologies, known as CareClix Anywhere®, CareClix Exam®, Careclix Electronic Medical Record® and CareClix Home® with the Google Glass device to offer physicians the ability to perform virtual medical exams through the eyes of an onsite nurse or caregiver via Google Glass. Healthcare providers will also be able to view medical charts and see vital signs obtained from remote monitoring devices all directly on the KAREVUE platform.  

“We have adapted our Google-based technology platform to integrate real-time doctor-patient information and create a unique medical experience with KAREVUE,” said Swapan Nag, CEO of NAG, Inc. “As a pioneer in the field of real-time business intelligence, NAG is exploring new applications for Google Glass® that will create positive experiences for our users.”

About CareClix
Founded in 2010, CareClix < http://careclix.com>  provides one of the most comprehensive telehealth solutions that connect medical providers and patients worldwide. Striving to enhance the quality and flexibility of healthcare, the CareClix solution integrates a multi-user cloud-based video examination system with white board capabilities. It incorporates a file share technology, web-based electronic medical record system, personal health record system, and real-time access to laboratory, pharmacy and technical services. The CareClix provider network includes board certified physicians providing care to a patient population both domestically and internationally.
About NAG, Inc.
Founded in 1991, NAG, Inc. < http://nag.co>  is a technology-consulting firm that specializes in providing geospatial and data visualization solutions and support services to government agencies and private businesses in transportation, administrative services, economic development, community development, public utilities and public safety. NAG helps these agencies leverage the latest real-time sharing technology, which increases the speed, the access, the accuracy and the overall management of data, and allows them to make better decisions that shape the future.

Google Glass® is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

CareClix Anywhere®, CareClix Exam®, Careclix Electronic Medical Record® and CareClix Home® are registered trademarks of CareClix.

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