14 Sep 2014
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Origami Ready to Refund Sunset Junction Tickets

Owner Neil Schield and the organizers of the Sunset Junction Street Alliance have worked out the logistics.

Origami Ready to Refund Sunset Junction Tickets Origami Ready to Refund Sunset Junction Tickets

If you're one of the reportedly 106 people who bought tickets to the Sunset Junction Street Fair at , there's good news.

Owner Neil Schield says the store is ready to make good on both the ticket and the service fee.

Just be sure you have a receipt!!!

Read more details on the Origami Vinyl website here.


Schield and fair organizer Michael McKinley had to work out some financial details first.

Schield hoped the fair would take on the refunding, since they had a good share of the proceeds already. 

Here's part of the email: 

"About a month ago, Sunset Junction came by and picked up a check for all the tickets sold up to that date, which was about 50 tickets. At the end of last week we offered to pay them out for the remaining tickets sold, about 55 tickets and never heard back."

"We held off on issuing an refunds until we heard from Michael McKinley on whether they were going to pick up a check for the remaining tickets and offer refunds (our preference since there were other outlets selling tickets as well) or if he was going to pay us back for the tickets we paid out on and offer refunds here at Origami. We got in touch this morning and we decided to take the money back and offer refunds here."

"We are bummed that this has been such a painful experience for the fans and are extremely thankful for their patience."

The fair's Edwin Gomez told Echo Park Patch Tuesday that a deal with on-line ticket vendors--who do handle the bulk of sales--was coming.


There's also the question of the advances that fair organizers say some bands received.

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