21 Aug 2014
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Record Temperatures Hit Downtown L.A. Friday, Heat to Continue

The thermometer peaked at 100 degrees near USC. In nearby Echo Park and Silver Lake, temperatures also reached over 100 degrees, with some local schools canceling outdoor activities.

Record Temperatures Hit Downtown L.A. Friday, Heat to Continue

A record high temperature of 100 degrees was reached in Downtown Los Angeles Friday.

This breaks the old record of 99, according to a preliminary report from the National Weather Service.

Temperatures at the Silver Lake weather station were similarly scorching, reaching 104 degrees according to the Weather Underground website.

It is not yet known if this is a record for the weather station.

Friday's heat caused some Echo Park and Silver Lake schools to cancel noontime recess,  including in Echo Park, though no district-wide alert was issued.

The heat also generated this posting on the Stories Books and Cafe Facebook page:

[O]ne day soon the heat will no longer be a topic of discussion and we can return to debating the consequences of the imminent earthquake.

But maybe not just yet.

A similar high of 102 is predicted for the Echo Park-Silver Lake area on Saturday. Air quality will be in the moderate range.

That and the heat are two reasons why you might want to avoid extended outdoor activities through the weekend, though temperatures are expected to drop into the 90s Sunday.

The low both Friday and Saturday night is predicted to be 75.

Off-shore winds are also kicking up fire risks in certain parts of the city, with several brush fires already

Click through to see Weather Underground's detailed information about what to expect weatherwise this weekend.

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