15 Sep 2014
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Silver Lake Real Estate: Tiny Plastic House

A vigilant CurbedLA editor noticed the ad before it was yanked from Craigslist. It wasn't real, but it did underscore the competitiveness of our neighborhood's rental market.

Silver Lake Real Estate: Tiny Plastic House

How much would you pay for a 12-square-foot plastic house in the Silver Lake hills?

Eight hundred dollars?

That's what one short-lived ad was asking Tuesday on Craigslist.

CurbedLA reports that other details of the choice property included proximity to a skunkhole and "no running water, no heat, no A/C."

The property--as you can see above--was a plastic kids playhouse, and the gag was promptly pulled from the site.

CurbedLA grabbed a screen snap that reminds us just how tough the rental market--especially along Silver Lake Boulevard near the Reservoir-- can be.

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