Jul 29, 2014

2-Minute Homage to Key Route System

Our article about the BART seat vacated by Bob Franklin prompted John Stashik to pay respects to Franklin's two-minute YouTube video featuring historic photos and a sad, satiric song about the bygone Key Route System.

2-Minute Homage to Key Route System

We'd like to thank John Stashik for alerting us to a short, nostalgic, sad and somewhat ironic YouTube video that pays tribute to the long-gone Key Route System.

We published an article Friday about former Alameda County Supervisor Mary King being appointed to the BART board seat left by Bob Franklin, "." In a comment, Stashik gave a plug to a video directed by Franklin about the Key system.

The 2-minute, 7-second video, "Goodbye to the Key Route System," features many historic photos, including quite a few from Stashik's website, where more can be found.

The video's bite comes from the soundtrack song, which offers a paean to the former network of local trains and mock praise of "progress." The YouTube post lists these credits for the video and music:

Composer/Pianist - Joyce Whitelaw
Vocals by Mel Leroy
Lyrics by Judith Offer
Percussion by Lynn Parker
Photos by John Harder. Other Photos by John Stashik from his website: www.keyrailpix.org
Mural from Piedmont Avenue by Rocky Baird

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