23 Aug 2014
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Home Burglary Audit Offered by El Cerrito Police

Following the recent rash of home burglaries in El Cerrito, El Cerrito police confirmed that they still offer to visit residents homes on request to offer conduct a burglary-prevention assessment and offer recommendations.

Home Burglary Audit Offered by El Cerrito Police

In the wake of the recent string of burglaries in El Cerrito, the police department confirmed it still offers a home security audit in which an officer will visit a resident's home and suggest improvements for preventing burglaries.

At a about the recent burglaries, police Lt. Steve Bonini confirmed the department still makes the service available on request.

The visits typically take 30 to 45 minutes and usually are scheduled for weekends when officers may be less busy, Bonini told Patch. Residents receive a check-list at the completion of the audit.

One resident who had an audit done at her home after the community meeting was in for a surprise.

"I thought I was in pretty good shape, but I was wrong," said Denise Sangster, who lives in the Arlington neighborhood that bore the brunt of the recent burglary spree.

"Anyway, I was very glad to have done it as now I know my weak points!" added Sangster, who distributes neighborhood information and notices on the Arlington Neighbors email list.

Any audit appointment is subject to last-minute cancelation if an officer is needed elsewhere, Bonini cautioned. In such cases, residents are welcome to reschedule, he said.

Anyone wishing to schedule an assessment is asked to email Bonini at stb@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us.

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