Jul 29, 2014

What El Cerrito City Employees Earned in 2011

The city's municipal employees, on average, earn less than the statewide average — but the ratio of city workers to residents is high.

What El Cerrito City Employees Earned in 2011

The state Controller's Office has put together  a chart of city and county employee salary, benefits and pension contributions for municipal agencies throughout California.

The website shows that in 2011, El Cerrito spent $702 per resident on its 364 municipal employees. El Cerrito didn't have a single employee topping $200,000 mark in 2011 (See second table at bottom of article).  

In 2011, the city's highest paid position was a batallion chief with total wages of $193,070, according to the figures on the State Controller's website.

The employees are listed by position only, not name. The wages includes salary, overtime, vacation payouts and bonuses.

The 2011 salary list shows the  average salary for municipal workers across the state is $61,059 a year.

If you haven't explored it yet, the controller's new website has some nifty features for people interested in public employee compensation in California. 

El Cerrito Municipal Employee Compensation 2011 SnapshotEl CerritoStatewide AveragePopulation23,648 64,930 Number of City Employees364 620Ratio of Residents per City Employee64:1 104:1Average Wages for City Employees$45,608 $61,059Amount Spent on Total Wages$16,601,354 N/AAmount Spent per resident$702 N/ASource: California State Controller's Office

Chris McKenzie, the executive director of the League of California Cities, defended municipal salaries statewide.

He said high-ranking public employees oversee large departments, manage millions of dollars in funds and have to respond to a complex array of state and federal laws.

"These individuals are the chief executive officers of extremely important local government agencies," said McKenzie. "Would you want a low-paid surgeon to perform your next surgery? You can always go out and find cheaper employees, but you get what you pay for."

The Top 10 Highest Paying Positions in El Cerrito for 2011*PositionTotal WagesDefined
Benefit PlanEmployees' Ret. Cost CoveredDeferred CompensationHealth, Dental
& Vision1Bat Chief-Training$193,070 $41,569 $54,001 -- $20,0842City Manager$185,457 $33,209 $13,277 $8,768 $20,1853Police Chief$178,939 $49,689 $16,186 -- $1,3584Fire-Bat Chief$166,695 $38,913 $12,683 -- $20,1855Fire Capt/paramedic$165,268 $37,906 $12,342 -- $20,1856Fire Capt/paramedic$160,854 $37,919 $12,347 -- $20,1857Fire Chief$158,494 $48,957 $15,975 -- $20,1858Fire Captain$158,395 $34,483 $11,227 -- $14,5139Police Captain$157,222 $47,188 $15,306 -- $20,18510PW Director/City Engineer$154,678 $28,296 $11,296 -- $14513* The wages includes salary, overtime, vacation payouts and bonuses.

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