20 Aug 2014
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Two 'Old Girls' Who Found Each Other

A South City woman and a 10-year-old stray dog found in San Bruno with health and behavioral issues have become inseparable.

Two 'Old Girls' Who Found Each Other

There's a new woman in my life. We're only email buddies at this point, but she's been on my mind and I'd love to meet in person.

Yes, I'm married. And, my wife already knows. In fact, I shared the email chain and my new friend's photo with her. Now, it's your turn to meet her.

Patch readers, "meet" Milly A., a South San Francisco resident and recent PHS/SPCA adopter who will be 90 years young next year.

I met Milly late last week in cyberspace when she sent an email message to our webmaster, an update on the dog she adopted from us. 

Here’s that message:

Dear Pawmaster, 

Although I had pet dogs all my life, at the age of 88 and confined to a wheelchair, I wasn't sure about getting another dog when Tigger died at the age of 14 last October. But my good friend and Peninsula Humane Society volunteer convinced me to "just take a look" at some of the older dogs available for adoption. The first dog I met seemed afraid of the wheelchair so that wouldn't do. Then I met Greta, who at the age of 10, one would imagine would be a sedate lady. I think she, as is the prerogative of ladies, may have lied about her actual birthday. She, despite her gray muzzle, was as lively as a puppy, crazy about squeaky toys, and within a minute of meeting her, I found myself saying, "That's the one."

What a wonderful companion she has proven to be. As you can see from the photograph of us at the dog-friendly patio of the Moss Beach Distillery, we two old girls have been having a great time together. Thanks to the Peninsula Humane Society for helping animals young and old. --

Milly A., South San Francisco

I had the pleasure of sharing this with our staff and Board of Directors.

To say this touched our folks would be an understatement. My inbox lit up with a dozen or so messages from staff who are not involved in the adoption end of our organization: 

"This is absolutely precious. I hope someday to find “the one” again," one message read. Another message said: "How cute….Lovely!"... "Great story – thanks for sharing!"

And they kept coming.

"Thanks for the warm fuzzy…Milly rocks, can she be my grandma!"… "What a beautiful story with a great ending. It is great to hear of these happy endings with us being able to match the right person with the right dog." … "That picture made my day – thanks for sharing!"

I don’t know much about Milly’s backstory, other than she had a dog she loved very much before adopting Greta.

I knew a bit more about Greta.

She arrived at the PHS/SPCA in March of 2011 as a stray from San Bruno. Thin with significant hair loss. Our vet department treated her skin condition. Extra food and TLC helped her gain weight.  She also had a behavioral issue classified as resource guarding, which means she was overly protective of things special to her like a toy or food.

So, our staff “dog whisperers” worked with Greta to remedy this. She was a classic Hope Program dog who needed special care or work before we could make her available for adoption and place her into a new home. Generous donations to our Hope Program enable us to do this for almost 200 pets every month!

Greta was adopted by Milly in October 2011, nearly seven months after arriving as a stray. She opened her home and heart to another older girl after having no dog in her life.

Today, neither could imagine life any differently.

And, me?

I'm eagerly awaiting my next email update, text or tweet from Milly. And, I'll keep checking Facebook to "friend" her.

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