14 Sep 2014
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Last Blue Moon Until 2015 Shines Friday Night

Why the name of tonight's celestial event may be a bit misleading.

Last Blue Moon Until 2015 Shines Friday Night

If you plan on catching Friday night's Blue Moon expecting to see some color, you may feel a little blue with disappointment. But the lack of actual blue in tonight's celestial event doesn't make it less impressive, say star-gazing enthusiasts.

Friday marks the end of August, the start of the Labor Day weekend and the appearance of a blue moon for the last time until 2015.

When you look up at the sky Friday night you won’t actually see a moon that is blue in color but instead a full moon. It is called a “blue moon” because it is the second full moon in a month, according to EarthSky, which mentions other definitions of the term.

“It’s very rare that you would see a blue-colored moon, although unusual sky conditions – certain-sized particles of dust or smoke – can create them,” EarthSky notes.

And the phrase "once in a blue moon" may also be a bit misleading, as blue moons are not exactly rare, appearing on average every 2.7 years.

So maybe you won’t see a blue-colored moon Friday, but a full moon can still be quite stunning and gazing at one is a pretty nice way to end the summer, especially with the warm weather we’ve been having.

And what better way to pay tribute to ?

Where to Watch the Blue Moon

According to the Dark Sky Finder website, Glendora is located along the edge of the higher light pollution area created by the dense population of the metro Los Angeles area.

That means that while light pollution may be a problem when it comes to viewing items in the sky, the nearby San Gabriel Mountains mean Glendora residents have some of the best chances for good celestial viewing in the Los Angeles area.

Are you planning to watch the "blue moon"? Where's a good spot in Glendora for moon gazing?

Reza Gostar also contributed to this piece.

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