23 Aug 2014
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Cal Poly Pomona To Launch Free Online Course

Cal Poly Pomona To Launch Free Online Course
Students from the world over can now register for a soon-to-be-launched online course in computer programming.

The Massive Open Online Course will launch April 1 and offer instruction, through pre-recorded video lectures, on the essentials of computer programming using Microsoft Excel. The course will run 10 weeks, said campus officials in a written statement.

"It will be a course that will help people get more out of Microsoft Excel," Nissenson says. "They’ll be learning how to be a computer programmer at the same time."

Weekly quizzes will be administered along with homework, both of which can be submitted through the course website. Campus officials tout that prospective students don't need extensive knowledge of computer programming.

Students will need to devote about 10 hours per week to the VBA/Excel Programming course, campus officials said.

Students in the course will not be able to obtain university credits, but will receive a certificate of completion from Cal Poly Pomona.

To register, visit www.csupomona.coursesites.com.

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