Jul 29, 2014

Fake Mourner Sentenced to 16 Months

Man accused of stealing the purse and credit cards of a Vietnam veteran's mourning daughter is sentenced to do time in county jail.

Fake Mourner Sentenced to 16 Months

A judge recently sentenced the man accused of at Oakdale Memorial Park while she buried her Vietnam Veteran father.

Jose Abrajan, 32, from Chino was sentenced to 16 months in county jail after pleading no contest to one count of identity theft, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

The court dismissed other charges, including grand theft of personal property and second degree commerical burglary.

Abrajan was photographed, unbeknownst to the victim's family, as he posed as a mourner at the funeral Jume 18. Abrajan stood near the family's SUV and was photographed rummaging through it.

Abrajan then attempted to purchase food at an Azusa In-N-Out soon after the theft, according to Glendora Police.

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