22 Aug 2014
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Glendora Chef Packs up Her Bites in ‘Food Network Star’

Jyll Everman’s charisma got her in the final six of the reality show competition, but she just couldn’t deliver in front of the camera.

Glendora Chef Packs up Her Bites in ‘Food Network Star’

Glendora contestant Jyll Everman’s run on “ Food Network Star” has come to an end.

The 31-year-old Wisconsin native, who now lives in Glendora, played up a marketable concept – bite-sized gourmet “ Jyllicious Bites” that’s been her trademark – but the usually charismatic chef could only muster a shaky performance on camera during last week's challenge.

Judges couldn’t get past her “artificiality,” calling her “a train going down five different tracks,” and sent her home during Sunday's episode. But not before Everman got to appear on The Rachael Ray Show – a highlight of her experience on “Food Network Star.”

“I feel I’m very much like her,” Everman said of Ray in her exit interview. “I have a lot of energy, I cook just out of the pantry, my food is very non-intimidating, you’ll never look at my dish and say I can’t do that.”

Despite coming up short on the reality show competition, Everman still has the loyal admiration of her fans and her students at the where she teaches cooking workshops.

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