Jul 29, 2014

Man Arrested After Seen Driving Smoking, Heavily-Damaged Car

Driver arrested on suspicion of DUI, no crash victims came forward.

Man Arrested After Seen Driving Smoking, Heavily-Damaged Car

A suspected DUI driver was arrested Sunday morning after a Glendora police officer observed the man driving his car, which was emitting smoke, leaking fluids and exhibited heavy damage.

Arrested was Dale Legat, 55, on suspicion of DUI and hit and run resulting in property damage.

An officer on patrol observed a black Lexus with heavy damage in the area of Glendora Avenue near Covina Blvd. The officer eventually pulled the driver over. The latter explained he hit a curb, but the damage was not consistent with his story, said Lieutenant James DeMond.

"The damage was more than a curb. It looking like he may have hit a pole," DeMond said.

Officers searched the area for any damage to street signs, fences, other property and any victims of a traffic collision, but couldn't find anything solid, DeMond said.

Legat was issued a citation and released.

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