Jul 28, 2014
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FBI: ‘McBandit’ in Glendora, Upland Robberies Captured

Jeremy Evans, 30, is accused of committing a series of bank robberies across the United States.

FBI: ‘McBandit’ in Glendora, Upland Robberies Captured FBI: ‘McBandit’ in Glendora, Upland Robberies Captured

The suspect dubbed “The McBandit,” who committed a series of coast-to-coast bank robberies, has been arrested and held without bond, according to the FBI.

The captured suspect is Jeremy Evans, 30, of Carol Stream, Ill. He was arrested Jan. 15 in a car that investigators say matched the description of a Toyota Camry used to rob a bank in Elgin, near Chicago.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the FBI is confident that Evans is the man responsible for the 17 hold-ups from Virginia to California, including robberies in Glendora and Upland.

Evans, who earned his moniker for the McDonald’s bag he used in the Nov. 26 robbery of a Glendora Chase Bank, was also called the “Ray Bandit” for the Ray-Ban sunglasses he frequently wore in his hold-ups.

On Nov. 1, investigators say Evans entered a U.S. Bank in Upland and demanded cash by threatening to detonate a bomb.

The FBI said Evans, a 5-foot-11, 230-pound man, netted $75,000 during his crime spree.

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