15 Sep 2014
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Patch was good while it lasted I guess...

Patch was good while it lasted I guess...
So with the format change on the "Glendora" Patch, I'm not really seeing anything "local" anymore.  The readership must have dropped off the face of the earth as even "Boards" have been reduced to the same 4-5 ads over, and over, and over...  No more conversations?  Only advertisers left using the message boards?  Maybe they can get a refund.

I don't really care what the "Glendora" Patch thinks is "trending" (trending somewhere else maybe) to add to my facebook feed as it has been doing since I "liked" the patch on FB before the change.  I'm really not interested that man was arrested in LaGrange, IL for meth while wearing a "breaking bad" tee shirt, and don't need to or want to see it on my FB news feed any more.


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