23 Aug 2014
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Waffa’s Kitchen: My Big Fat Greek Dinner

Make sure to visit this Mediterranean kitchen on an empty stomach.

Waffa’s Kitchen: My Big Fat Greek Dinner Waffa’s Kitchen: My Big Fat Greek Dinner

’s cozy little kitchen is tucked away on Foothill next to a liquor store and Mediterranean bakery. Although it seems the bulk of their business stems from catering events, their small storefront provides a bit of room to enjoy their excellent Mediterranean food. 

On this Friday evening, I ordered a beef kabob plate ($10) and did not realize how not hungry I was until the large takeout container of six hunks of beef filet on a bed of saffron rice, salad and hummus was placed before me (note: the menu does request that dinner plates be ordered 30 minutes ahead of time, but my wait was not quite that long). 

This was partly because I had also ordered a dolmas, or stuffed grape leaf ($.75), small cheese pie ($.75) and spinach pie ($.75) to nibble on while I waited for my entrée. 

The dolmas was a tender marinated grape leaf wrapped tightly around a filling of soft rice seasoned with mint, parsley and olive oil, peppered with little bits of tomato and garbanzo beans. I was thrilled that it was not overly vinegary, as many dolmas are.

I almost ordered another, but decided to move onto the pastries. The cheese pie was a half moon of pastry dough stuffed with feta and Greek white cheese. The spinach pie was a pyramid of pastry dough pinched around a chopped spinach, mint and onion filling. Both were rather plain.

Thus, when the beef kabob plate arrived, I did not think I would be able to get past a couple of bites because I was almost full. It took only one taste to prove me wrong.  Each luscious chunk of tender meat was beautifully seared on the outside and grilled to a juicy pink on the inside. The meat was seasoned just enough to enhance the marvelous flavor of the beef instead of masking it.

One of the knowledgeable owners informed me that they used a little-known cut of meat called the teres major, or bistro filet.  It comes from the shoulder muscle and rivals filet mignon in tenderness, but is less expensive.  It has not yet become familiar because it requires skill to extract and is thus less available.  Discovering this cut of meat was the highlight of my meal. 

The hummus had the slightest bit of a kick to it and was creamier than others I have had. The salad with tomato, cucumber and parsley was dressed with a light vinaigrette. The aromatic saffron rice was light, as was its flavor, but it deepened the next day when it was thoroughly enjoyed with the scant leftovers.  The meal also included two pitas on the side.

I completed my overindulgent feast with a piece of baklava, one of my favorite desserts.  The minced pistachios, cinnamon and other spices sandwiched between flaky layers of phyllo dough and lightly awash in butter and honey were perfectly sweet without drowning in a treacly bath.  The phyllo layers were not as crisp as I prefer, but it was still a happy ending to a blockbuster meal.

Address:  221 W. Foothill Blvd., Glendora, CA  91741

Business Hours:  Monday, closed; Tuesday – Saturday, 8 a.m. – 7p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone Number:  (626) 914-3500

Website:  www.waffaskitchen.com

Price Range:  $ .75 - $12.00

Type of Cuisine:  Mediterranean

Standout Dish:  Beef Kabob

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