Jul 28, 2014
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Yellow Alert Issued for Colby Fire Impact Area

NOAA is forecasting 1/2 to 1 inch of rain late Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Yellow Alert Issued for Colby Fire Impact Area

On Sunday, the City of Glendora declared the following Yellow Level emergency protocol in effect for the Colby Fire Impact Area. The alert level was raised to yellow from green due to NOAA forecasting a storm late Monday night into Tuesday morning that could deliver between 1/2 inch to 1 inch of rain.  There could be the possibility of thunderstorms associated with this which could cause heavier downpours that may cause light mud flows in some areas of the Colby Fire Impact Area. Current forecasts by either NOAA or LA County Flood Control do not indicate any heavy potential mud flows.

The Glendora Police Department will increase patrols in the Impact Area to assist in keeping a physical presences in the area should the need arise.

Residents are encouraged to read more about the color alert system at  cityofglendora.org/colbyfire and sign up for alerts. 

The Yellow Level emergency protocol includes:

  • No Evacuation orders in effect.
  • Rain–related parking restrictions in effect.
  • Residents directed to remove vehicles, trash bins, other obstructions from streets and/or travel lanes as they will be subject to tow or removal by authorities.
  • NO RESTRICTED ENTRY to impact area/potentially impacted areas.

The Colby Fire Impact Area includes all properties north of Sierra Madre between the western city boundaries of Azusa/Glendora (Yucca Ridge) to the eastern boundary of properties on the west side of the Little Dalton Wash (near Loraine Avenue). These areas have the highest risk of being impacted by flooding/debris flows from rainfall due to the loss of vegetation from the foothills.

Sandbag information can be obtained from the city website.  

—Glendora Police Department

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