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Police Blotter: Meth Salesman; Stolen Kitten

Police log for Half Moon Bay and the unincorporated San Mateo County Coastside from May 25 - June 1, 2011.

Police Blotter: Meth Salesman; Stolen Kitten

May 25

2:49 pm, 300 block of Bridgeport Drive, El Granada: Warrant arrest. One person in a residence was revealed to have an outstanding arrest warrant, and another was in possession of drugs and in violation of his probation.

5:33 pm, 300 block of West Point Road, Princeton: Theft. A wife took her husband's bike to the beach, left it, and when she returned she found it was stolen.

May 26

-No Entries-

May 27

7:20 am, Half Moon Bay Police Department: Misdemeanor. A man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest came to the police station, was given a citation and a new court date before being released from custody.

7:32 am, Route 1 and Poplar: Traffic collision. An unlicensed driver was involved in a traffic collision.

May 28

1:50 pm, 200 block of Troon Way: Information. Officers went to investigate a verbal dispute between neighbors.

May 29

9:00 am, 700 block of Main Street: Burglary. A business was broken into at this location.

9:00 am, 1800 block of Mizzen Lane: Information. Parents requested assistance in a dispute over child custody.

1:48 pm, 1300 block of Columbus Street, El Granada: Theft. A woman reported her neighbors had a litter of kittens they didn't care for, and one of them was injured and wandered onto her porch. She took the injured cat to get treated, and when the neighbors never claimed the kitten she adopted it. When the neighbors moved out she accused them of stealing the kitten, when it was actually underneath a neighbor's bed.

3:51 pm, San Mateo Road and Skyline Boulevard: DUI. A vehicle was reported to be driving recklessly on westbound 92. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was arrested after failing sobriety tests.

9:17 pm, 500 block of Avenue Alhambra, El Granada: Drugs. Someone was trying to open doors to an apartment complex and found to be under the influence of methamphetamine, looking to sell it to the tenants.

9:45 pm, 700 block of Railroad: Burglary. A bicycle was stolen from an open garage.

May 30

6:00 am, 3000 block of North Cabrillo Highway: Possible controlled substance for sale. A person who was found to be under the influence of a controlled substance had their room searched and controlled substances that were determined to be sold were discovered.

10:44 am, Route 1 and Kelly Avenue: Traffic collision. Property was damaged in a traffic collision.

12:23 pm, Pillar Point Harbor: Information. A dog bite was reported.

Time unknown, 700 block of First Street: Vandalism. Graffiti was found painted on two residential fences.

1:12 pm, 700 block of Kelly Avenue: Contempt. A restraining order was violated.

8:14 pm, 100 block of Poplar Street: Vandalism. Someone vandalized a parked vehicle.

May 31

4:24 am, 300 block of North Cabrillo Highway: Under the influence of controlled substance. Officers contacted the driver of a suspicious vehicle and was found to be under the influence.

Time unknown, 500 block of San Benito: Vehicle theft. A vehicle was stolen at this location.

June 1

1:34 pm, 0-100 block of North Cabrillo Highway: Battery. Two people were having an argument that turned physical.

5:24 pm, Daly City: Outside agency assist. A person with an outstanding arrest warrant was arrested.

3:33 pm, 0-100 block of North Cabrillo Highway: Possession of marijuana. Two people were suspected of smoking marijuana.  

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