Jul 26, 2014
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Measure J Half-Cent Sales Tax Passes

Measure J is estimated to bring in $867,000 per year for Half Moon Bay infrastructure projects.

Measure J Half-Cent Sales Tax Passes Measure J Half-Cent Sales Tax Passes

Late Tuesday, voters approved Measure J, the half-cent sales tax for the City of Half Moon Bay's infrastructure projects. The measure passed with 53.87% of the votes. The measure required a simple majority for passage.

When the tallies first starting coming in after the polls closed at 8 p.m., a group of Measure J supporters at a City Council election event held at the Portugese Community Center on Kelly Avenue cheered at the results in favor of the measure.

"Nobody likes taxes but everyone likes government services and for us to continue to provide government services we need to have revenue for future programs in our city," said Half Moon Bay City Council member John Muller.

Later Mayor Allan Alifano spoke about the benefits of the measure and how the funds would be used for things like repairing Half Moon Bay's roads not to build things like a movie theater.

Vice Mayor Rick Kowalczyk, in a victory speech to Half Moon Bay City Council winners Marina Fraser and John Muller, said he's also "thrilled with Measure J passing" and explained that it will be used on "capital projects that will help our City such as Smith Field and a new library. It's a big deal."


Measure J would raise a projected $870,000 annually. The measure requires a simple majority for passage.

Measure J's proponents say the tax hike is needed to fix crumbling  infrastructure and attract new businesses. They say visitors would pay a significant portion of the tax, noting the measure enjoys broad support within the city's business community.

Opponents of the measure say a sales tax hike would hurt the local economy and that it's not needed in a city with deep cash reserves.

Measure J - Half-cent Sales Tax results:

Precincts ReportingPercentYes 8 of 8 53.87% No 8 of 8 46.13%


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