Jul 29, 2014
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Sheriff’s Deputies Save Two Girls from Burning Home

The deputies rescued the two young girls who were sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

Sheriff’s Deputies Save Two Girls from Burning Home

San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies saved two little girls from their burning home in Moss Beach Monday evening.

County Dispatch received the report of the burning home on the 500 block of Lancaster Street. Upon arrival, deputies learned from the homeowner that his two daughters were still asleep in their beds in an upstairs bedroom.  

They entered the smoke-filled residence and retrieved the two girls. All family members and the pet dog were taken to safety and the fire quickly extinguished. The family members plus Sheriff’s deputies were given medical treatment at the scene and later transported to area hospitals as a result of smoke inhalation.

A sister of one of the on-scene deputies, Michael Seidler, commented, "I am a very lucky sister to have such a brave brother!" Kristy Seidler said. "We are very proud of him."

The fire was contained to the garage, but there was smoke damage throughout the home.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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