Jul 29, 2014
Mostly Cloudy

Trying to see the Mav Contest LIVE...through Tree Branches

We hiked up Pillar Point bluff today, to see what we could see of the Maverick's Surf Contest. It was not ideal conditions for photography, especially when hiding from tree to tree, trying to dodge the rangers & sheriff's officers, etc. 

Even though that bluff is part of our back yard - for years, we hiked up there to view the contest -the rules were changed last year, so no one could access the bluffs during the Mavericks contest.  We went up there last year anyway, took a few shots, then were kicked off.

This year, when the sheriff saw us and started walking towards us, we ran.  Mike ditched his tripod along the way.  I went back for the tripod, which I brought home, while Mike went back out to take a few more shots. He later spoke with one of the rangers, who told him he had to leave. We got our exercise for the day, though.
For our efforts, we got some interesting photos, and stories to tell!

Photo Gallery

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