15 Sep 2014
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Whiz Kid David Kabanje

This high school senior led his student body in raising enough money this weekend to free three slaves.

Whiz Kid David Kabanje Whiz Kid David Kabanje Whiz Kid David Kabanje Whiz Kid David Kabanje Whiz Kid David Kabanje

David Kabanje is graduating in a few weeks from Rio Lindo Adventist Academy.  Among his many tests, projects, applications to colleges, and friendships, David somehow found time to do what no student has ever done before at Rio Lindo; he freed slaves.  Not just one slave, but a prostitute and two slave children. 

Working with other students on campus, David helped draw attention to the fact that slavery does still exist, but people can do something about it.  Together, David and his fellow students created a campus-wide club called “Revo”, short for Revolution. 

Last Sunday, Revo hosted an afternoon of fun and education on Rio Lindo’s campus, called “Fair for Fairness.” The fair had games, booths, lots of food from around the world, and an area where attendees could learn about what they could do to fight worldwide slavery. 

Fair for Fairness also had a silent auction to raise funds for an organization that works to free slaves worldwide, called International Justice Mission or IJM.  At the end of the day, David and the rest of the Revo team had raised $1,694 for IJM which is enough to free several slaves and get them education and post-traumatic assistance.

David was born in Zambia and moved with his family to the United States when he was7 years old.  The son of a minister, David went through his ups and downs as he sought to find a way to harness his passion for people. 

He moved to Healdsburg when he was 14 and attended Rio Lindo his freshman year of high school.  During his time at Rio, David began to develop his leadership skills and his desire to help people in need.

“There’s something inside of me that gets angry when I hear about injustice done to women or girls or people that don’t deserve it.  It’s just wrong to hear about something terrible happening (in the world) and not do anything about it,” David explains. 

David says he believes that God gave him the blessing and freedom to wake up each day to a warm bed, a hot shower, and a good breakfast.  He says it’s unfair for those who were never given that chance at freedom and believes his purpose is to help fight that unfairness.  David attributes his faith in biblical commands that call him to action in taking care of his fellow humans. 

Students at Rio Lindo look up to David as a public speaker, but most of all, as someone who practices what he preaches.  David hopes to attend Southern Adventist University in Chattanooga, Tenn., next fall, and hopes to continue being involved in social justice groups like Revo long after he graduates from Rio Lindo. 

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