Jul 30, 2014

ASNC Officially Responds to Audit

The ASNC's response to DONE's audit has been posted for the public.

ASNC Officially Responds to Audit ASNC Officially Responds to Audit ASNC Officially Responds to Audit ASNC Officially Responds to Audit ASNC Officially Responds to Audit

(ASNC) on Thursday, Dec. 15 released their official reponse to five audit inquiries issued by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE). 

, DONE had initiated an audit of the neighborhood council in October after an independent review of "purchase card expenditures" and "questions received from the board" which indicated that "multiple transaction [were] conducted without the approval of the board."

DONE had required the ASNC to respond to the audit inquiries by Friday Dec. 16, or risk having their 2011/2012 budget frozen.

ASNC Secretary Ken Kallman noted in the response to DONE that "due to time constraints, the entire ASNC has not had an opportunity to review this correspondence."

Board member Joseph Riser has also written a rebuttal to ASNC's response, noting that because board members had not allowed to review the included minutes, the board had "providing the department with an inaccurate report of our meeting." 

A full .pdf of the ASNC's response and Riser's rebuttal can be downloaded from the media box on the right.

DONE's requests for information include:

1. An inventory of all items and equipment purchased by the ASNC and held in storage and the address of the storage.

-ASNC's response includes an inventory of all items and equipment.

2. Clarification of the total amount approved by the ASNC in fiscal year 2010-2011 for "Animal Welfare" and a description of what this budget category includes.

-ASNC'S description of this budget category is "stray animal rescue, pet adoption events, spay-neuter programs, low-cost vaccinations [and] micro-chipping. The amount of animal welfare spending is clarified in item 3.

3. Confirmation of ASNC approval of each P-Card expenditure listed as "medical services for stray animals" and "Animal rescue supplies" in fiscal year 2010-2011.

-ASNC's response refers DONE to Treasurer Judy Knapton's 2010/2011 amended reconciliation report, which includes a previously unreconciled animal welfare expenditure for $1,500. That expenditure was approved during the board's May 2011 meeting. The minutes can be downloaded from the media box on the right.

4. Board members are required to take the following training: Funding Training, Brown Act Training and Ethics Training.

-The board approved a motion to table confirming mutually convenient dates until the next regularly scheduled meeting, and to notify DONE after the board has addressed the issue.

5. Provide an updated board roster, including contact information.

-A copy of a document entitled "ASNC Board Member Email Addresses" is attached.

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