Jul 29, 2014
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Magic's Got the Dodgers: Now What? (A Roundup)

Most media pundits echo the enthusiasm for the new Dodgers owner, but some are skeptical. Here's a roundup of opinions.

Magic's Got the Dodgers: Now What? (A Roundup)

Magic Johnson and his group of investors had won bidding for the Dodgers, there was jubilation across Dodgertown.

In the cold light of dawn, however, several pundits and media outlets are taking a hard look at what the new ownership will mean. Herewith a roundup of some of the analysis.

What do you think?

Los Angeles Times (Bill Plaschke)

On more practical terms, it seems Johnson will be the owner with the most public accountability. Ticket snafu? Parking disaster? An unsafe situation in the stands? In promising to do things the right way, Johnson will probably be the owner who will answer and explain when they are done wrong.

Los Angeles Daily News

After the disaster of the McCourt years, any new owner might have pleased Dodgers fans. But the team's purchase by a multifaceted group headed by Magic Johnson is especially exciting. The basketball legend will be expected - and this is a high expectation - to restore the baseball club to its former glory.

Wall Street Journal

But with the team's lucrative media rights deal set to expire after the 2013 season, the new Dodgers owners have two ways to make their big gamble pay off: launch a regional sports network in the country's second largest market, or hold what will likely be a frenzied auction for the right to telecast its games.

USA Today

The idea that Magic Johnson, who led the Lakers to five NBA titles, is one of their new bosses, had the Dodger players heading to the nearest sporting goods store to buy basketballs.

San Jose Mercury News (Tim Kawakami)

But while I understand the concern, and totally get that Dodgers fans are overjoyed to replace McCourt with a winner like Magic, I'm skeptical that any team can guarantee success by paying outrageous salaries immediately.

True Blue L.A.

Many are focusing on the price paid for the franchise. Some are focusing on the fact Frank McCourt is still hanging around. Some are focusing on the fact Magic is simply a front man and not the main money man. Some are rubbing their hands in glee as they anticipate being in the bidding for every great player who becomes available.

All I know is that out of the blue the news hit me last night and turned me back into a giddy 20 year old. Many of you simply know Magic as the ball-headed, fairly overweight icon whose parents or uncles talk too much about. Yet at one time this new owner was everything to everybody.

What's your opinion, Dodger fans? Is this good for the team? Can Magic restore luster to the franchise?

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